So, what else should I be doing??

As an athlete and an avid lover of food eating has never really been a problem. However, once I got to college and starting playing soccer and training as a collegiate athlete I soon learned that what I put into my body… Read More

Freshman, you are about to experience something rare! You are getting ready to experience something most people do not get to have, you are getting ready to play soccer at a collegiate level. It is always best to be over prepared than… Read More

Hello! In case you are wondering what the NGU womens’ soccer team does during the summer, here is their summer workout packet (for returning players). Playing soccer is not just in the fall, it is year-round. Hard work pays off, especially when… Read More

Hey there! These are videos our wonderful weightlifting coach has made! If you are unsure how to do something please refer to these videos, we do not want anyone getting hurt! Transverse Step-Up   Cleans:   DB (dumbbell) snatch   Deadlift:  … Read More

Meet Kait!

Hey, my name is Kaitlyn Bernardi. I am the Women’s Strength and Conditioning Coach at NGU. I have been coaching here for 3 years and I was a student-athlete here before that. Outside of the weight room I spend most of my… Read More