So, on October 28th we celebrated our seniors. Without them we would have no one to help guide us and encourage us throughout this soccer journey. They have helped us tremendously on and off the field. Here are some of the pictures…..

What girls do to prepare on game day….

So, if you are wondering how the girls prepare for game day here is a video they put together to let you in on their secrets…. ​​​ Hope you liked it!  

My name is Maggie Schopp. I’m the oldest and most mature out of me and my sister however everyone thinks she’s older because she’s like 6 feet tall. Fun fact I don’t really look like my family so the joke is I’m… Read More

Karly Denaburg #15 Hey guys! My name is Karly Denaburg, I’m a freshman on the NGU women’s soccer team. I’m from Florida, I love the beach and anything that has to do with the beach. I’m also the oldest of four. My… Read More

Jaimie Shutt #10 Hellooooo my name is Jaimie Shutt! I am a junior on the NGU women’s soccer team. Something cool about me is that I grew up in a blended family. Family is probably the most important thing to me. I… Read More

Seniors: Madelynn Schober #33 Hey y’all my name is Madelynn Schober. I am a senior goalkeeper for the NGU women’s soccer team. I was born and raised in Texas and contrary to popular belief, I did not ride a horse to school… Read More