How was your time?

Courtney Etheridge: It has been about 9 months since I last put on a NGU uniform. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about and miss putting that jersey on. It’s still hard to believe there’s no more 6 am weights,… Read More

As a humble alumni, I  am happy to announce that ALUMNI won the Legend’s Game of 2017. Better luck next year current team members. Here are some pictures of our sweet victory 🙂 Enjoy!!

We have quite the collection of photos from our past players, and here they are! Reply which one is your favorite, the one that gets the most favorites just might get a prize!! If you have any more pictures you would like… Read More


Here at NGU we wish to stay connected to our lovely alumni! This page is where you can comment or reply a prayer request or a verse, anything you wish to share with the rest of the NGU family!! 1 John 4:19… Read More