There is no doubt that the North Greenville University Women’s Soccer team was very successful on the field in Conference Carolinas this 2017 season. While game success is valued in the program, the coaching staff and players have strived for unity and bettering of themselves. The girls work each and every day to be joyful, accountable, and grateful for the blessings they have received. Through team bonding activities, like team movies, a weekend in the mountains, and fun overnight stays for far away games, each girl has built life-long friendships.
Coach Robinson pours into the development of his players as people, encouraging volunteering and serving with a joyful heart. The team has served the community by assisting youth soccer practices at the Upward Star Center, helping at local Mountain View Elementary game night, and working the Trunk-or-Treat at Praise Cathedral Church in Greer. The team enjoys such activities, it builds good relationships among teammates and takes core soccer values into the real world. Good communication, teamwork, encouragement, and grace are practiced off of the pitch, which directly affect how the girls play in the game.

So, on October 28th we celebrated our seniors. Without them we would have no one to help guide us and encourage us throughout this soccer journey. They have helped us tremendously on and off the field. Here are some of the pictures…..

A small thanks to our Sponsors 

At NGU the women’s soccer team is doing great things. However, we would not be able to do all that we do without a little help from some people! Here our are sponsors: 

Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping us do the things we do! You are awesome and we are so grateful for your support. 

What girls do to prepare on game day….

So, if you are wondering how the girls prepare for game day here is a video they put together to let you in on their secrets….


Hope you liked it! 

I.D. Event on November 18th

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to show your skills and to get a feel for the ultimate college soccer atmosphere! 


Despite the vicious heat, NGU came out on top when playing against Kings University, here are some of the awesome things the girls accomplished:

  • Freshman Bri Rowe made her first start of the season and finished the game with 5 saves to help the Lady Crusaders get their first shutout of the season.
  • Asheton Robinson scored her second goal of the season off a free kick.
  • Abby Robinson was a force in the midfield putting in strong tackles and breaking up many of King’s attacking opportunities.
  • Seniors Britt Waldrep and Alex Pagliaro stepped up to lead the attack for NGU

Pictures will be up soon!!

So, you are probably wondering about pictures for NGU vs CoLumbia College and USC Aiken….well the pictures for that game were not as aesthetically pleasing to the eyes so we decided to not show those.
Here are some pictures from SWU: 

And here are some pictures from Limestone:

The thing is about these games….the girls fought hard and no matter the results on the scoreboard they knew they still had each other’s back and were using these games to help motivate their game for the next match! 

NGU went away with a loss this match, 1-0. NGU battled hard and good possession throughout the match. Do not worry this did not discourage our girls, it only encouraged them and kept them motivated for their next opponent.

(Funny) Pictures from the game:


Iron Games 2017

Well, in case you did not know preseason is referred to as iron week. During iron week the team is put through skill and fitness tests and  also they have 2-3 practices each day for a week. However, iron week is not just about soccer, it is also about the team bonding and building chemistry.

Here are some pictures of iron week:

This is a video of the seniors lighting the torch to signify the beginning or iron week!

 During Iron week the girls go through several competitions testing their physical endurance and their soccer skills! Each year there is a first,second and third place. The first place was M.Gleed, second place was J.Shutt and third place was B.Waldrep. This year the golden glove was added and that is a competition between the goals. The winner of the golden glove is M.Schober. 

This is a picture of the team when they went to the movies.



This is a picture of the team at the end of their camp they went to!



After camp and all that jazz, the team was able to do a team photo shoot. I mean, who doesn’t want a photo shoot with 20+of their new BFFs!?! 

Yeah….I think senorities is hitting them already!! 

Awww look at those cute seniors, ready to lead the team into their last season! 

Well, someone found their calling for after soccer. They are strutting their stuff into season!

We all have to do something with our hands! 

They so cute 😊

When in doubt throw up a peace sign 🙂

Where has the time gone?? The little freshness from last year all growed up! 

And here is the team of freshman!! Looking so fly! 

It’s preseason, what else do you expect?!?

“And then coach was like “‘then we are going to run hills”‘” 

Girls, let’s get in formation

Warning: the scene depicted above is from lack of sleep,lots of physical activity, and oh yeah….FUN!! 

And here is the 2017 NGU women’s soccer team.

How was your time?

Courtney Etheridge:


It has been about 9 months since I last put on a NGU uniform. There isn’t a day that I don’t think about and miss putting that jersey on. It’s still hard to believe there’s no more 6 am weights, no more running the dreaded beep test, no more pre-game dance parties (“baby its you…”), no more bus rides, no more walk/run/or what’s also known as ”wog”. Some of my best memories were made either on the soccer field or off the field with my teammates.

Having said all of this, I would not say my time here was always easy though; there were definitely some hard times. Some in which included, having to overcome the doubts when I was not producing any goals or assists, or when we lost every game but two my sophomore year. Or to the plague of injuries, which included, an ankle sprain, tearing my ACL for a second time and having to miss my senior year (which I hope no one has to experience). It was during these times though that I grew the most as a player and person.

When we lost every game but two my sophomore year, it wasn’t that we were not good, we had great players, we just couldn’t put it all together. And what made it worst for me was the fact that as a forward I did not score a single goal or assist that year. And if anyone knows me I am a player who is driven by stats, so it was hard seeing a zero next to goals and assist. It was during this time that I grew so much as player, being pushed by our Coaches to new limits during weights, fitness, and technical sessions. It was during this time as a team we kept each other accountable to not cut corners when we had to run 3 fifths for a practice (which I am sorry if you ever have to do these, they are death), or had to get up at 6 am for weights, or pushing each other to do one more 120. It was also during this time that I grew and stopped letting stats define me. All of this hard work paid off because the following season we won 8 games and made it to the Conference Tournament and I personally lead the team in assist that season. But this growth as a player happened because of the help of my teammates and Coaches pushing me to be the best during practice, but also helping me realize my identity is not found in how many goals or assist I make.

It was not until my senior year when I grew the most as a person. Everyone has an image of what his or her senior year is going to be. For me that was coming in and being the leader in assist and goals and help lead the team to a Conference Championship. However, that dream quickly slipped away, when I tore my ACL for a second time in our last spring scrimmage. I can’t even describe how painful it was finding out that I was going to have to miss my senior year and not be able to play with the girls who I had experienced everything with. From our first preseason, to our first College game, to the early morning practices and the countless runs to Olive Garden, Panera, and Chickfila to avoid the caf food. Knowing that I was not going to be playing my senior year, I had no clue what the season was going to hold, what my role was going to be, or how I was going to be able to impact other players without playing. I was not going to be getting that “dream” season. But it was at this time I grew as a person, having to rely on others for help, which I do not do well with, but really growing in my faith, trusting that God was in control. He gave me exactly what I needed during this time. God gave me a “dream” team and Coaches who encouraged me, were there when I needed a shoulder to cry on or a friend to go get ice cream with (and yes ice-cream does make everything better). And to top it off, through determination and perseverance I had the opportunity to play in my last two games of my career, even though I was not fully cleared or had not touched a ball in over 6 months. As painful and as much as I wish I had been able to play my senior year, I believe if I had played I would not have made as close of relationships with my teammates or Coaches, I would have been more focused on “MY dream” senior year than making relationships that are going to last a lifetime.

I am so grateful for being able to have played for the NGU Women’s Soccer Team. My experience here has taught me many life lessons and I have grown so much as a person and player. This team is so much more than yourself, how many goals you scored, or how many wins or loses; it is really about working hard, being a family and being there for one another during the good and the bad. This team helps you become the best version of yourself.